Meet the Team

Senior Designer
Diana had a passion for architecture and design from a very young age.  She didn't immediately go into architecture after high school from being overwhelmed with all the opportunities and programs offered in college.  It was after she started her associates degree that she realized she was in the wrong field.  After that minor setback, she went on to study architecture at CUNY New York City College of Technology.  Upon graduating with her Bachelors in Architectural Technology, she interned in an interior design office and most recently has worked in interior home renovations office.  She was a project manager overseeing projects from concept to completion.  

Senior Designer
Marco has a passion for design and photo-realistic visualization.  He attended CUNY New York City College of Technology also graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Architectural Technology.  Marco interned in an interior design office but since has been in a rebar fabrication company.  He is a project manager overseeing and putting together the proper rebar material for projects ranging from bridges to small residential buildings.  

They both come together with their ideas as a team to be able to design the client a beautiful space.